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Tugas Bahasa Inggris Bisnis II

1.      Ani         : Have you finished reading my novel?
     Adi         : Not yet. Look, ........
a.      I still read it
b.      I will still read it
c.       I was still reading it
d.      I still have to read it
e.      I am still reading it
Jawaban: e
Present continuous tense

2.      Betty  : You look tried.
     Tini     : Yes, ........
a.      I work
b.      I am working
c.       I was working
d.      I had been working
e.      I have been working
Jawaban: d
Past perfect progressive

3.      Marsya  : I called you yesterday, but no one an-swered.
     Shella     : Oh, I .......... the garden, at that time.
a.      Weed
b.      Was weeding
c.       Weeeded
d.      Have weeded
e.      Am weeding
Jawaban: b
Past continuous tense

4.      I enjoyed the piano cocert last night. So did. I have .....
a.      Seen much better cocerts
b.      Seen that best concerts
c.       Never seen the best concert
d.      Never seen a better concert
e.      Seen good concert
Jawaban: d
Present perfet tense

5.      Mrs. Hendra has left Surabaya for Medan by GA 707 since 9.00 am. Surely she .......... there soon.
a.      Arrive
b.      Arrived
c.       Was arriving
d.      Will arive
e.      Will have arried
Jawaban: d
Simpel future tense

6.      It was difficult to see the road clearly because it ......... very hard.
a.      Is raining
b.      Was
c.       Are rained
d.      Had been raining
e.      Rains
Jawaban: b
Past tense

7.      Sintya  : Can I meet you at 10.00 am tomorrow, Sir?
Mr.Yani : I am sory. I ............ at that time
a.      Will teach
b.      Teach
c.       Taught
d.      Would teach
e.      Will be teaching
Jawaban: e
Future continuous tense

8.      How long ....... past time?
For about eight months now.
a.      Had you worked
b.      Are you working
c.       Have you been working
d.      Were you working
e.      Will you be working
Jawaban: c
Present perfect tense

9.      Andha  : you look healthy now.
Aini      : yes, I  ......... from my illness
Andha  : I’m glad to hear that. So we can study together again.
a.      Have recovered
b.      Has recovered
c.       Will recover
d.      Was recovering
e.      Is recovering
Jawaban: a
Present perfect tense

10.  Mr. Boss : Where is thelast proposal? I’ll sign it and then have someone copy it.
Lia         : Sorry, Sir. I haven’t typed it yet. But I promise ............ typing it by lunch time.
a.      I finish
b.      I must finish
c.       I have finished
d.      I’ll be finishing
e.      I will have finished
Jawaban: e
Future perfect tense

11.  Riko     : ................................
Mita    : Yes, she has been cooking since 8 o’clock.
a.      Has Noni been cooking since 8 o’clock?
b.      Is Noni cooking since 8 o’clock?
c.       What has Noni been cooking since 8 o’clock?
d.      How long has Noni been cooking?
e.      Where has Noni been cooking since 8 o’clock?
Jawaban: a
Present perfect continuous tense

12.  The librarian suddenly heard a noise.
Librarian  : what was it?
Student   : I’m sorry. I dropped some books while I .......... them.
a.      Carry
b.      Carried
c.       Was carrying
d.      Am carrying
e.      Have carried
Jawaban: c
Past continuous tense

13.  Rifaldi  : I ........... the students exchange programme next year.
Rabbani : Thaat’s a good idea.
a.      Join
b.      Joined
c.       Will join
d.      Have joined
e.      Have been joining
Jawaban: c
Simpel future tense

14.  Dinda   : What should I wear for the party tommorrow, Mum?
Mother            : Don’t worry. I ............ a lovely evening dress for you.
Dinda   : Really?Why did’t you tell me?
Mother            : It will be a surprise, won’t it?
a.      Haven’t bought
b.      Have bought
c.       Isn’t buying
d.      Was buying
e.      Were buying
Jawaban: b
Present perfect tense

15.  Dea      : Jim, what about your english assignment?Have you handed it to Misss Anne?
Jim       : Not yet. But, I ........ it to her by next Tuesday.
a.      Would give
b.      Have given
c.       Am geiven
d.      Will have given
e.      Have been giving
Jawaban: d
Futureperfect tense

16.  Tuti      : what are you doing?
Ria       : finishing my report.
Tuti      : you ............... for five hours. Why don’t you take a break?
a.      Are working
b.      Were working
c.       Have been working
d.      Had been working
e.      Are going to work
Jawaban: c
Present perfect continuous tense

17.  Hendra            : Let’s go out tonight. I’ll show you the best restaurant in this city.
Lia       : All right, I have some work to do,but I ............... it by eight.
a.      Finish
b.      Finished
c.       Was a finishing
d.      Have to finish
e.      Will have finished
Jawaban: e
Future perfect tense

18.  The children was playing foot ball when we saw then.
           A                       B                            C         D
Jawaban: B, seharusnya were playing
Past continuous tense

19.  They has been to Japan many times.
    A     B     C                   D
Jawaban: B,  seharusnya have
Present perfect tense

20.  You shall spoken english well by the end of next year.
   A     B          C                          D
Jawaban: B, seharusnya will
Future perfect tense

21.  If I were you I would marry her.
A       B             C                  D
Jawaban: C, seharusnya should
Past future tense

22.  You would have meet a lot of friends if you had attended the party last.
            A              B      C                             D          E
Jawaban: B, seharusnya met
Past future perfect tense

23.  A men do not walk with his hands.
     A        B                   C      D
Jawaban: B, seharusnya does not or doesn’t
Simple present tense

24.  I will be coming to your hous by this time tomorrow.
         A        B            C                         D
Jawaban: A, seharusnya shall
Future continuous tense

25.  My younger brother have been enthusuastic to learn english since two week ago.
            A                      B                                  C                                  D
Jawaban: B, seharusnya has
Present perfect tense

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